How to choose an elliptical machine – Few things need to know before buying

People are quite into elliptical machine workouts in the gym these days. This is because they are safer to use to get cardio exercise; they also helps to help lose excess weight as well as aid in toning the entire body up. The elliptical machines are mostly occupied during peak hours in the gym that is why these days mostly fitness freaks prefer purchasing elliptical machines for their home. With our complete elliptical machine guide, we will provide you the in depth analysis about elliptical machine and which one suits you the best according to your lifestyle. For that purpose we will  guide you How to choose an elliptical machine?.  In order to achieve your perfect fitness, the major aim is to get you on the machine persistently. And this is the major and the most difficult part. However, if you get yourself the right exercising machine it becomes quite easy to stick to your goal.

How to choose an elliptical machine

Things to keep in mind before you head to buy your elliptical machine:

When you go to the market to get any stuff, it can be quite confusing because there is a lot of variety available out there. And when the investment is huge and it is related to health then it becomes even more difficult. Elliptical machines range from simple machines to standard models that can offer high intensity workouts, which come with many bells and whistles. Below are the things you should keep in mind before you head to buy your elliptical machines

The Budget:

Mostly money is the major factor when you do shopping and when it comes to buying any home based gym equipment, you become more concerned. You search for the equipment which long lasting but low on budget. So mostly go for the discounted pieces, which may be not last longer. That’s why  you need to select a machine according to your requirements. If your budget do not allow buying the equipment that fulfills your requirements than its better to wait and save up for a good quality elliptical machine.

The Workout Space

Elliptical machines are quite spacious. Thus before getting hands on one, keep in mind the space where you will keep the elliptical machine. Elliptical machine length ranges between four and seven feet. 

Elliptical machine styles:

Mostly elliptical machine comes in three basic styles each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Front-drive elliptical machines
  2. Rear-drive elliptical machines
  3. Center-drive elliptical machines

Must have features in an elliptical machine:

Either you are buying elliptical machine for your home or gym. Following mention features are the must have:

Stride length:

Ideal stride length is very important. An average of 21 inches is ideal for an elliptical machine. It is better to buy one with an adjustable stride length.

Smooth motion:

This is another important feature. For an effective workout, smooth motion is very necessary. Make sure that the pedals regulates smoothly. However, none of the pieces of the elliptical machines should impede the motion during workout.

Body Comfort: 

You do not always use arm handles during your elliptical machine workout. Thus while you buy the equipment make sure that the equipment is balanced and also check that handle’s movement is comfortable.

The Noise Factor: 

Some elliptical machines are very noisy, which makes you feel like you are traveling on 1920s train. Surely, you would never want your workout to sound like this. And if you are working out in the mornings when your family is asleep, you would never want your machine to be noisy.

Adjustable Resistance: 

Resistance level is the major factor during elliptical machines workout. Most elliptical machines include adjustable resistance. This helps to adjust the resistance level according to your requirement and if your elliptical machine has broad range of resistance level than it offers you huge benefits.

Adjustable Incline:

This feature is not that necessary, however, if you are able to adjust the ramps as your needs it can add intensity to your elliptical machine Automatic adjustable inclines are better than those of manually adjusted.

Electronic features. 

This feature eases our workouts using elliptical machines. Different elliptical machines have different features such as fans, interactivity, displaying calories. Consider which is suitable for you. It is better to choose features which are motivating as well as challenging for you.  Look for the machines which track your progress.

Shopping your elliptical machines:

1. Look upon your goals

Buy according to the usage of the machines that is how long and how many people will be using the machine.

2. Search online before starting your shopping.

Have some knowledge before you start your shopping. Browse online some basic information.

3. Search for the shops online before visiting.

Search for the reliable shops, so that you don’t face any scam.

4. Look for the retailers who are also fitness specialists

It is better to visit shops that have fitness specialist. They can provide better guideline.

5. Do test the equipment before purchasing

Either you buy online or through store make sure you test your elliptical machine. It is better to get it test by your friend or any gym expert.

6. Maintenance:

Always choose a product which is maintenance free. A well-designed unit does not often require maintenance. It is really hard to manage the machines which require maintenance every now and then. 

7. Make sure the equipment comes with the warranty

Warranties are damn important as warranty ensures the credibility of machines.  Do ask which components are covered under warranty. Make sure that it includes electronic, handles, pedals and other key components.

Recommended elliptical machines:

Some of the most recommended elliptical machines brands are as follow:

  • Precor
  • Nautilus
  • Sole

The top preferred elliptical machines are:

  • SOLE E35
  • Nautilus E614
  • Exerpeutic Aero Air


Buying any exercise machine is not a piece of cake as you don’t invest in such equipments time and again. Elliptical machines come with minute details which need to be considered while purchasing such equipments. It is a great device for fitness freaks to add in your homes which will keep them fit.

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