Elliptical workouts for beginners – Necessary precautions to be followed

If you are new to the fitness world and don’t know what and how to step into this world. Elliptical machines are great for all the beginner exercisers. It will also pave your ways towards cardio workouts. Elliptical machines are a good choice if you need to burn more fat with little exertion.it puts less stress on joints and bones with working on both upper and lower parts of your body as well as conditioning your heart and lower body.

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How to Do the Beginner Elliptical Workout

  • Never just kick start the workout. Always warm up your body to make it ready for exercising.
  • Follow sample workout mentioned below, working according to a specific pace/resistance that allows you to work at the suggested rate according to your need of workout.
  • You need to stop exercising if you feel too breathless or weak or fatigued. You do not need to exhaust yourself more than the prescribed limit. However you need to feel exertion. To know that whether the pace and exertion level is good to go or not you should be capable of talking in full sentences.
  • You can use elliptical machine workout on and off. About three times a week with a day off in between.
  • Always start from a few minutes and later keep adding a few more minutes every time you use elliptical machine for workout until you reach 30 minutes limit.
  • Always stretch your body after you finish elliptical machine or any other kind of workout.

Elliptical workouts for beginners:

Dual-Action workout:

If you are using handles with the elliptical machine workout, the machines works on both upper and lower body parts. It is more like cycling and running with little exertion than these exercises.

The butt and core workout:

The sculpted butt is the dream of all fitness freaks, even if you are a beginner in this world you also have desire to have rear end. Peddling on the machine can easily help you to fulfill your desire.

The high-intensity interval training workout (HIIT)

This is the most challenging workout with other equipment but using elliptical machine, this can be easily done by beginners using elliptical machine.

Cardio workout

Cardio exercises are the most recommended ones by health experts. Elliptical machines provide the easy cardio exercises with little exertion. As we all know workouts are more enjoyable if they exhaust you less. Thus you’re more likely to stick to it.

Mistakes you make using elliptical machines:

  • Lack resistance during workouts
  • Use drooping position
  • Do not provide your information
  • Do not change postures
  • Are stick to same workout for months
  • Do not focus on your upper body

A half an hour sample workout:

A simple half an hour workout with an elliptical machine helps you to have a lot more benefit of an elliptical machine.

First of all you need to warm up your body for 5 minute at 3 resistance level after 2 minutes increase the level up to 5. Then keeping the resistance level at 5 start your workout at 140 strides per minute. Increase resistance level up to 7 while pedaling forward and then backward at a rate of 140 strides. After that with the help of handle push with your arms for 2.5 minutes at the same rate and resistance and later pull for 2.5 minutes. For next 5 minutes work out at the resistance level 7 at the rate of 140 strides without using your hands and just pedaling. Then bring the resistance level at 3 and cool yourself down for next 5 minutes.

This workout is best for the beginners. Once you become used to with this workout and feel comfortable with this sample beginner’s workout, you may increase the resistance level as well as the rate of each of the aforementioned steps. This is a complete exercise for the beginners and is best for weight loss, cardio or you are willing to enhance your fitness level.

Necessary precautions to be followed:

  • Physicians always suggest low-impact cardio workout which reduces health risks and maintains physical conditions. Still if you have any kind of illness, injury or you are on some kind of medication that may affect your heart rate. You need to be extra cautious before trying any workout.
  • The first time you use elliptical machine workout, it will affect lower body the most, especially the muscles which are present in the front of your thighs. It quite usual to feel a burn in your muscles as they workout and in most cases you may need to begin with a low intensity workout of few minutes. Steadily, you pace up your workout and resistance level.
  • It is essential to keep an eye on the intensity of your workout. The easiest way is to go by your Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE), which is a scale which shows range from 1 to 10 of how hard you are working at different levels of intensity. For this elliptical machine workout, you need to stay between level 4 and level 6 for ideal work out and get the best results. You need to adjust the workout according to the requirement of your body.
  • Never be hesitant to ask help from your fitness trainer when you are a beginner.


Elliptical machine workouts are considered the best for the beginners especially because of their low intensity and lesser exertion. The health experts suggest a two and a half hour workout per week which is roughly 20 minutes per day. However, it have a lot of benefits such as it aids in weight loss, burn belly fat, it also reduces the risk of getting high blood pressure, various cancers, prevent stroke, heart disease as well as diabetes. Thus elliptical machines are considered as a good choice for beginners.

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