Does Elliptical work your stomach – Workouts to burn Stomach Fat


Elliptical machine is a good choice if you’re concerned for your stomach. However, using elliptical machine workouts are more helpful on losing stomach fat rather than building or strengthening muscles. This is not because these workouts do not focus abdominal muscles. They do target on these muscles using an elliptical machine workout but these muscles are not the main focus of the workout. Thus the elliptical machine exercises focus more on burning stomach fat than developing muscle.

Does Elliptical work your stomach

Do elliptical machines really work on our stomach?

Elliptical machines do not directly work on the abdominal muscles but if someone wants to reduce the belly fat, elliptical machine is good to go. Elliptical machine workout burns a great number of calories which gives a cardiovascular boost. This exercise not only burn fat but also build the muscles.

However, elliptical machine does not target directly but with lose of calories, waistline is reduced as well. The best way to use elliptical machines if you want to target specific area is by tailoring them with other exercises. So, yes elliptical machine workout really aids in burning stomach fat.

How to shape elliptical machine workouts to burn stomach fat:

In order to burn stomach fat, you need to work really hard. The best way is to leave your handles of the machine, because this will further isolate your core muscles and provides greater workout. This will ultimately strengthen your muscles as well. To get the results faster you need to add other exercises as well such as crunches or planks. This will give you much greater chances of losing stomach fat.  However if your main focus is to target stomach fat then elliptical machine is not for you. Other things which must be kept in mind are the healthy diet, giving yourself tough time during workout. This will help you to lose fat faster. Once you start using elliptical machine workout you will come to know a lot more advantages of using elliptical machine than other machines but you need to be patient and consistent for the desired results. As compared to other exercise equipment, elliptical machine is easily accessible and as well as easy to use. They don’t stress your joints which helps avoiding injuries which occur because of exercising.

How elliptical machines aid stomach workout:

Elliptical machines can be used for various types of workouts as they help you fulfill your daily dose of cardio which tones lower body muscles as well as core and the arms in one go. Additionally, Elliptical machines are low intensity workout machine which puts little stress on your joints and keeps them healthy. Although elliptical machines targets full body but you will need to use a few tricks and tips for burning stomach fat. Some of these are mentioned below:

Stand up straight:

Standing straight on the elliptical machine during workout helps your body to maintain good posture. Standing up straight activates your stomach muscles and do not use the handles. Come out from your comfort zone and embrace the instability by challenging yourself to stand upright stretched even if you are pedaling. This will work on your stomach muscles specifically.

Add an incline:

Elliptical machines have a unique feature in which you can adjust on the console as your will. During workout incline steadily 11 to 15 percent that you can be in a position of climbing. You need to keep on alternating in accordance with the duration of your workout.

Use the arms poles:

Some of the elliptical machine models come with the moving arms poles. Vigorously pumping arm poles along with pedaling makes your journey towards flat stomach much easier.

Enhance the intensity of workout:

The number of calories you’ll burn on the elliptical machine depends greatly on how much time you put in workout. Secondly, enhance the intensity by increasing the resistance level at which you will work out. Plan your workout according to your weight.

Add on Abs specific workout:

No doubt, you will activate your stomach muscles during an elliptical machine workout but by adding more activities to your workout routine that targets more specifically on stomach will help you get your desired results. These must include most effective exercises such as crunches or planks.

Forward motion

Forward motion using elliptical machine basically target thighs but they indirectly work on the stomach muscles as well. Pushing when you pedal in the forward direction targets quadriceps of your thighs whereas your hamstrings work on the loop. Pedaling harder by increasing the resistance level tighten your stomach muscles.

Reverse motion

The reverse motion requires even more resistance. When you pedal in backward direction, it makes your hamstrings work harder. Which aids in burning belly fat faster.

Stomach workouts

The above mention motions targets the stomach indirectly. Elliptical machines does not work on the principle of a crunch machine thus it can never specifically target your stomach muscles like other machines does. However, this does not mean you will waste your money and time on the elliptical machine. Doing exercise on elliptical machines in specific angles can help tighten your stomach muscles.

Cardio exercises 

Elliptical machine is a good choice for cardio exercises. These exercise help burn calories fast. As soon as you lose fat, the muscles ultimately get toned and tight. You need to keep your resistance level high so that you can challenge your stomach muscles.


Every one of you already has abdominal muscle. However, these muscles are covered by layers of stubborn fat. When it comes on slimming stomach muscle, you need to focus more on exercise that burns full body fat, rather than sit-ups or crunches. It is certainly the best machine you can use to burn not only your stubborn stomach fat but also full body. It also strengthens and tones your stomach muscles.

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