Does an elliptical machine build muscles

.Elliptical muscle When people start their workout journey using elliptical trainers, the thought of muscle building will hardly cross their mind; either they will think about toning their bodies or for quick and effective weight loss workout. However, this is not true. An elliptical trainer is the most desired machine and not only in gyms but is also popular as a house based exercise equipment. It is one of the easiest cardio-machines to get used to, allowing you to have a good cardio work, boosting your stamina helping you strengthen your heart, lungs and in muscle building.

You might have heard that these machines are fastest for weight loss and body sliming, but an elliptical trainer can help you grow muscles, not as fast as weight- lifting exercises but will definitely help you in a little muscle gain. However, it will definitely do well to your fitness regimen by strengthening a number of muscles throughout your body (upper and lower body) including leg muscles, back, chest, shoulder and arm muscles etc.

Does elliptical machine build muscles?

You must be wondering that whether elliptical trainers build muscles of your body or not because of its low intensity workout. Weight loss is an easy task for most of the exercisers. However, building muscles requires real efforts both by the machines and the exercisers. No doubt muscle building is a strenuous job to do. Elliptical machines are basically designed to perform low intensity workout. Thus you need to add some other exercises such as planks, squads and lunges to build muscles. The elliptical machines are specifically designed for those fitness freaks who have weak joints or knees and experience difficulty in intense muscle building workouts like weight-lifting etc. Thus they don’t usually work for building muscles. However, elliptical machines can definitely give you a good muscle build if you willing to, for this purpose you need to aid it with other exercises.

Why choose elliptical machines for building muscles?

Most people prefer elliptical machines over other gym tools because it promotes a low impact workout. Low impact workout might not be able to affect your muscles that much but is definitely good for weak joints and knees. These machines provide elliptical motion which is a combination of running and cycling. The low impact workout helps by reducing the stress and strain on your legs using elliptical motion.  A study showed that an ordinary runner would experience 2.5 times more stress then their body weight which ultimately affect the joints in legs and lower body while an elliptical trainer has a less impact on body joints. The elliptical trainer is also a great way for dual action workout, as it moves both lower and upper bodies while exercising. This is a great way to engage many different muscles like hamstrings, quadriceps, chest, back, triceps, biceps and gluteal muscles.


A simple guide about how to build muscles using an elliptical machine:

Here is a brief guide on how to use elliptical machines for muscle building.

Since your hands and feet both are used in pushing and pulling while training sessions, it helps in muscle building in both upper and lower bodies.

Use the right machine:

In order for you to build muscles choose an elliptical trainer with handles. A machine without handles can hinder your arm and shoulder movement. By pushing and pulling the arm handles independently will increase stress on your biceps, triceps shoulder, arm, back and as well as pectoral muscles. This stress will not only benefit in toning of the upper body of yours but also will aid in muscle building,

Use of interval training:

The use of intervals during your workout sessions is equally important. Pedaling backward and forward will help in engagement of various muscles of your body.

To be precise: while pedaling forward your hamstrings and glutes will be engaged.

And on the other hand while pedaling backwards your thighs and quads do a workout.

Utilizing the right program:

By utilizing the right program it is meant that many elliptical trainers have pre-installed programs favoring different kind of workouts. For fat loss you might use a different program then the one that is used for specifically muscle building. It will vary your workout session by telling you to pedal forward or backward or maybe using arm-handles to complete the movements. The program might allow you to change settings replica to climbing hills. which target various muscle groups in lower body . And also forcing your legs to workout in a way related to weight-lifting sessions helping in muscle building. The programs also allow you to control the intensity related to the capacity of your body.

Use of core muscles:

While you are using elliptical trainers you can do more to your body. Then merely focusing on your arms and legs. In one way, if you try and get your hands off from handles. Instead put them on your hips or back your core muscles and abdominal muscles will work to maintain the balance. Thus you would be giving all your muscles a good and effective workout. You are not bound to use same resistance throughout the entire workout. Change the resistance and intensity of workout mimicking weight lifting exercises to workout different body muscles.


An elliptical machine might not be an answer to muscle building or Does an elliptical machine build muscles?. But is definitely a good way of a little muscle gain for people with weak joints or knees.  People gone through some knee accidents. But a detailed guide by an experienced trainer. From a trained person would be a great step before starting an elliptical workout. They will guide you with your fitness regimen according to your body needs and your preferences. In conclusion, an elliptical trainer is an effective mean to burn calories and excellent for a good cardio. But if used properly it can also help in slow but worthy muscle building in almost every part of your body.

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